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Hungry Board

Hungry BoardHungry Board (+)

The DIACON Hungry Board is an aluminium-reinforced, plastic panel that is used on conveyor belts to contain product, reduce spillage and increase conveyor capacity by up to 30% for short periods. From greenfield sites to existing plant upgrades, DIACON is your low cost, corrosion free, lightweight and easy to install alternative.


  • Certified anti-static, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic (FRAS approved material available).
  • Aluminium channel support bar.
  • Handles for easy removal.
  • Panel sizes – up to 3000mm long.
  • Lightweight; can be marked permanently if required.


  • Mounted on DIACON Mounting Brackets and fastened by steel wedges inserted in aluminium slotted pins.
  • Dual purpose – provides for simultaneous mounting for DIACON Conveyor Guards.


  • Lower edge of panel is matched to the troughing angle of the conveyor belt.
  • Downward adjustment allows for wear of Hungry Board skirt during operation.
  • Hungry Board height is usually 300-400mm.
  • Height is customisable to the conveyor’s volume needs, belt drive capacity and headspace.
  • Easily removed for belt splicing and trough idler change out.


 Diacon Hungry BoardTypical steel fabricated hungry board
 Easy to removeTicCross
100% Corrosion FreeTicCross
No need to paintTicCross
Easily customised to suit conveyorTicTic
Mount using pin and wedge systemTicCross
Panel weight can be marked on each hungry boardTicCross
Safe during operations and maintenance periodsTicCross
Easily removed for trough idler replacementTicCross
Hungry board does not request a heavy support structureTicCross


Discover how the Diacon Conveyor Guarding system is the smartest way to improve the safety and productivity of your conveyor belt system.

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