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Mackay Sugar has started a program of upgrading conveyor guarding and engaged the services Consolidated Plastics and Epoxy to retro fit guarding to all Nip Areas adjacent to access points on four identified conveyors - Farleigh Mill No2 Return Belt, Farleigh Mill Wet Sugar Belt, Marian C1 Bagasse Belt, Racecourse Cross Sugar Conveyor. The Diacon system adapted very well to all these difficult applications with designs specific to each task. The end result being a corrosion-free, lightweight, maintenance friendly guarding system as well as enhancing the work environment.

Tony Lloyd – Mackay Sugar Limited, Asset Manager

At the Gladstone Power Station, we recently engaged the services of Consolidated Plastics and Epoxy to assist us with the replacement of conveyor guarding at our coal handling facility. The professionalism of the team at Diacon has provided us with guarding which was able to be retrofitted to a 35 year facility. The resulting Diacon guarding not only complies with AS1755, but is lightweight (reducing manual handling risks) and corrosion free. Based on the initial experience, we are currently in the process of installing additional Diacon guarding to other conveyors.

Matthew Adamson – NRG Gladstone Power Station, Superintendent Fuel

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