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Safety Panel

Safety PanelSafety Panel (+)

The Diacon Safety Panel is a plastic mesh panel guard that is corrosion-free, lightweight, requires no painting, is speedily installed and removed.


  • Custom shaped high density polyethylene guard panel with holes for visibility and ventilation.
  • Use of “Hook, Hang and Lock” protocol.
  • Hooks stiffen panel in vertical and SS angle iron gives strength in horizontal plane.
  • Panel sizes – up to 3000mm long.

Mounting & Installation

  • Custom shaped hooks neatly fit boss supports.
  • Unsupported panelling at bottom edge provides for custom onsite fitment to equipment and thereby avoiding the need for onsite “hot work”, permits, etc.


  • Weight of each guard can be punched into the panel to help assess the manual handling risk during removal.
  • Allows safe hanging on handrails during maintenance.

Meets Australian Standard AS4024.1-2006 & AS1755-2000

  • Attachment of guards to existing equipment.
  • Removal of guards with a tool.
  • Correct placement of signage on guard: safe isolation of equipment
  • Flexibility of signage location to meet other international standards or preferences.
  • Reaching through openings on guards prevented.
  • Preferred colour for guarding – AUST STD Y14 Golden Yellow.


 Diacon Safety PanelTraditional Panel Guarding
Easy to removeTicCross
100% Corrosion FreeTicCross
No need to paintTicCross
Easily configurable into a variety of shapesTicCross
Mount using drop on "hook and hang" systemTicCross
Panel guard can hang on nearby handrail when removedTicCross
Custom labelling is cost effectiveTicTic
Panel weight is marked on guardTicCross
Holes available in range of sizesTicCross
Holes can be located specifically where requiredTicCross
Provides long life UV protection (12-15 years)TicCross
Meets Australian standards for load/deflection requirementsTicTic
Safe during operations and maintenance periodsTicCross
Sound deadening qualitiesTicTic
Mesh panel does not requre a frame constructionTicCross


Discover how the Diacon Conveyor Guarding system is the smartest way to improve the safety and productivity of your conveyor belt system.

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